Service and Workshop

At C6 Bikes we have a fully equipped professional workshop, so your free time is for riding. We offer servicing and repair on both Mountain and Road Bikes. We have parking outside and open late, so dropping your bike in on the commute home is simple.

We know how important your cycling is, so we aim to turn around repairs as quickly as possible. All work will be quoted for upfront and no additional work will be undertaken without your prior approval.


All our packages are designed to reduce component wear and early failure hopefully giving you extra miles of trouble free cycling!

Our Basic package we recommend every 3-6 months, this will keep your bike running smoothly. The Silver is our most popular for big mileage bikes, we recommend this service every 6-12 months. Gold is a real treat for all bikes, typically required once a year, a great one if you are getting back into the sport and need to give your trusted steed a bit of TLC.

Labour charges only. All prices include VAT but exclude replacement parts.

Service prices Basic
Gear/brake check and adjustment
Replace pads and brake/Gear cables as required
Check transmission for wear
Check and tighten headsets
Check and tighten bolts
Check tyres and inflate to pressure
Strip & re-grease hubs
Strip & re-grease headset
Strip & re-grease bottom bracket
True wheels and adjust bearings
Full strip down, clean and lube of whole bike


Individual Jobs

Labour charges only. All prices include VAT but exclude replacement parts.

Gear service [Adjust, degrease and lube]£15.00
Fit front derailleur and adjust£10.00
Fit rear derailleur and adjust£10.00
Replace gear cable£5.00 per cable
Fit chain – single speed£7.50
Fit chain – multi-speed£7.50
Fit freewheel or cassette – wheel only£5.00
Replace freehub body – wheel only£10.00 minimum
Replace freewheel/cassette and chain£15.00
Fit gear shifters [Fit and adjust gears]£15.00
Fit chainset [Fit and adjust gears]£17.50
Fit chainset and bottom bracket [Fit and adjust gears]£25.00


Bottom Brackets
Service [Including alignment of cranks and front mech]£17.50 minimum
Fit new£15 minimum


Service [Front and Rear]£15.00
Replace cables and/or pads£8.00 per cable/pads
Fit brake levers or cantilevers£10.00
Hydraulic brakes [Bleed and adjust]£25.00


Fit new/Replace headset£25.00
Fit new bearings£15.00


True wheel£12.50
Replace tyre and /or tube£4.00
Fit tubular£15.00
Replace both tyres and/or tubes£14.00
Wheel build£35.00
Wheel rebuild [including strip-down]£40.00
Service wheel hub£15.00


Fit new forks£20.00
Service forks [Forks sent to Mojo (Fox), Sussed Out, Fisher (Rock Shox)]£80.00 minimum


Custom builds

With so many standards nowadays building your own bike can be daunting, so drop in and we will guide you through the process. Custom building is about building dreams, so we'll talk you through the options to ensure we select components that will suit your riding style. The build is free if you purchase from us.

We can also offer bike building and service to customers who have purchased frames and components elsewhere, but are not able to support warranties for equipment not originally purchased through us. All our work is guaranteed however.

Custom Build Prices
Build Bike£100.00
Build bike with internal cabling/electronic£130.00
Fitting group set£75.00
Fitting a group set [electronic]£105.00