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Product Description

VS saddles feature a 7mm channel design that allows for greater pressure relief, whilst maintaining the stiffness and durability of a solid-base saddle.

-Solid base ensures saddle's structural integrity is unaffected.

-No reduction in saddle's surface area, therefore no subsequent increase in pressure.

-Relief channel spans the length of the saddle, allowing the rider freedom to move along it.

-Edge of relief channel is a gradual change in the foam mould leaving no sharp edges that might cause pressure points.

The Thar is a highly versatile saddle intended for use in XC, marathon, all-mountain and DH.

In the context of more and more 29er bikes, fi'zi:k worked with its sponsored professional MTB teams to better understand riders' needs. The riders' wish lists included a longer saddle rail for more adjustment, and the ability to move the position of the rider forward on the bike in order to deliver better power transfer.

The Thar 29er saddle delivers just this, alleviating any issues associated with not being able to get your saddle far enough forward on a 29er.

The image below demonstrates how the Thar compares with the Tundra when mounted on a 29er MTB. The Thar is on the bike top-left, while the Tundra is on the bike bottom right

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