Birzman Zacoo Macht



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Product Description

The Zacoo Macht offers a whole new experience in shock pump efficiency

1. Its small size makes it easy to carry

2. ALC Aluminium Construction for a strong, durable and light weight pump

3. CNC finished body

4. Inbuilt Air Lock Valve

5. Longer Travel

6. Guage and Pressure Release Button

7. Guage Size - 1"

8. 300psi Max Pressure rating

9. Size: 24 x 2.5 x 3 cm

Airlock Valve

The Airlock Valve adaptor screws onto a threaded Schrader valve on the shcok in one easy step and follows the same one step disconnecting method. It is designed to prevent air loss when disconnecting the valve from the shock.

Longer Travel

Birzman's shock pumps offer a longer travel that is designed to drive longer volumes of air and increase efficiency.

CNC Machined Finish

Ensures precision and durability of metal parts

Guage and Pressure Release Button

Easy-to-read analog pressure guage and pressure bleed button which allows precise air pressure adjustments

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